• The need:

As Sillari village shares it’s boundary with the core area of Pench Tiger Reserve and crop depredation is very high, the team selected this village and has provided the units to 21 farmers.

  • A safe and easy to use device:

Unlike traditional solar fencing methods that pose risks and hinder animal movement, this system offers a non-cumbersome, solar-powered, and night-activated solution with no issue of electrocution.

The system makes use of randomly blinking LED lights to ward off wild ungulates. The lights are charged by solar power during the daytime and function automatically throughout the night time.

The team helping farmers install the system


  • A tried and tested system:

Satpuda Foundation has rigorously tried and tested the system in two villages of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve since summer this year and has received positive feedback from farmers using this device.

The system in use in Tadoba


This innovative solution addresses the longstanding issue of crop depredation by wildlife, which has plagued farmers and endangered both livelihoods and wildlife. We hope that the device continues to benefit the local community living around Pench and Tadoba and helps reduce human-wildlife conflict in the region.