Concept Originated

  • Project location and target species are identified. The concept of the partnership originates

First Meeting

  • Initial discussions with prospective on-field partners and stakeholders are held

First Partners

  • The first set of partners are onboarded and the partnership structure takes shape. Partners discuss the existing conservation challenges and brainstorm on potential initiatives

First few Initiatives: Mobile Education Unit

  • Conservation awareness for village communities living around tiger reserves in the Satpuda landscape is identified as a key area of focus. A mobile education unit is planned for school students to instill the importance of nature conservation from an early age

Targeted Born Free projects progressed

  • Projects aligned with the Born Free Foundation’s conservation goals are shortlisted and progressed. A mobile health unit is planned and set up to cater to the village communities living around tiger reserves in the Satpuda landscape.


Increased Government representation at seminars

  • Important Government and forest department officials are invited to the SLTP seminars

Communications roll-out to reduce wildlife conflict

  • Evidence is gathered of our increasing tiger numbers. Essential communications are rolled out by our partners to reduce human-wildlife conflict

100,000 people reached

  • More than 100,000 people reached through the various on ground conservation initiatives delivered by the partners

Expanded Partnership

  • The partnership is expanded and new partners specializing in distinct areas of conservation are initiated

Wider set of projects launched

  • With the expansion of the partnership, new projects and locations are added

Increased focus on buffer zones and corridors

  • With the improvement in tiger numbers, the partnership increases focus on buffer zones and corridors with the vision of a landscape-based conservation approach

Future base fund assured

  • Future base funding for partners through conservation grants is assured

Further expanded partnership

  • The partnership is further expanded with the initiation of new partners

Model village concept launched

  • To better demonstrate Human-wildlife coexistence models and conservation impacts, a model village concept is launched

Achieved representation on key committees

  • Heads of SLTP partners achieved representation on key wildlife and environment committees of the government

Local coordinator appointed

  • A new team member is appointed in India to help coordinate the SLTP activities, enhance project communication and help disseminate project outcomes