SLTP partner Bombay Natural History Society organized a Wildlife Ambassador’s meet in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve on 16th and 17th September 2022. A total of 50 ambassadors and 25 teachers participated from 25 schools situated in fringe areas of the forest.



About the initiative:
BNHS is conducting nature conservation education programs in 50 schools in the Chandrapur district. In 25 of these schools, the team has appointed 50 Wildlife Ambassadors which include a boy and a girl from each school. All these schools are surrounded by the forest and most of the villagers are dependent on the forest resources for their sustenance.

Role of our young Wildlife Ambassadors:
These selected ambassadors would be playing the roles of classroom monitors for conservation activities and would spread the message of conservation among their classmates and other fellow residents of their village. For this, the goal of a Wildlife Ambassador is to learn as much she/he can about nature which they do by reading and interacting with experts from the BNHS team.

The Wildlife Ambassadors meet:
During the recent meet the BNHS team spoke to students about the concept of ‘Wildlife Ambassadors’, their duty and their importance in the community. A slide show on resource collection and man-animal conflict was also organised along with a fun filled nature game.

This initiative is supported by Born Free Foundation and the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve along with other donors.

The event was also covered by Lokmat Times, a leading regional newspaper: